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Hi, I'm Tony Norkaitis, certified life transformation


My wife and I trekked across the country in a small van with two large dogs and a cranky old cat and landed in Beaverton, Oregon a little over seven years ago. Crystal had the opportunity to relocate through her work, which allowed us to end up living just 2 miles away from her only daughter and son-in-law. We eventually followed our kids to Bend, Oregon almost two years ago and we are blessed and grateful for the natural beauty that we get to experience every day. Although there are certain people and certain things we miss about the east coast, we have embraced the wonder and charm of the Pacific Northwest.


I became burned out after several years of working in the nonprofit sector and decided that it was time to step out on my own. I enrolled in life coach training with one of the premier coaching schools in the country, completed my certifications, formed my LLC and have spent the last 7 years honing my craft. I love my job and look forward to serving others every day.


I started out working with primarily Baby Boomers and GenX  because I am one. I have served as a Naval Officer, spent many years in the corporate world, transitioned to the nonprofit sector serving underprivileged children and their families, and raised four children during all of this. I am now in a position where I can use my training and life experience to focus on YOU and how YOU can live your best life.

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what makes me qualified to serve you?

I have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in this crazy thing we call life. I have experienced rebellious teens, relationship challenges, job loss, bankruptcy, divorce, career changes, loss of loved ones, depression, anxiety…. even my own suicide attempts, addiction, recovery and PTSD. I not only survived all of this but thrived.

I have spent over 40 years studying about the human condition. I have degrees in psychology and business. I am trained in hypnotherapy, NLP and Core Energy coaching.

I specialize in teaching others about the power of gratitude and living a grateful life. I know
the value of and the differences between counseling/therapy and coaching because I have experienced both.

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